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  • To provide users with a better experience, has always been ezTalks uphold the service concept. Last year in October on the PC client user experience a substantial improvement, by the new and old customers alike. This time, ezTalks re-force, continuous optimization of PC client at the same time, the mobile client user experience to optimize, so that mobile meetings, mobile office more handy.

    Self-registration, quick free trial
    In the realization of the Android client self-registration, ezTalks in the Windows client also synchronize the implementation of self-registration, the user simply a few steps to create their own conference room and account password, registration immediately after the free experience ezTalks cloud meeting, no need to wait Business people to open an account for you.

    One hand control, communication and collaboration more comfortable
    Abandoning the original hands-on, turning the horizontal screen into a vertical screen conference is a deep improvement in ezTalks's optimization of the mobile user experience. One-hand operation allows users to use ezTalks cloud meetings in more different scenarios, as well as the user's habit of operating smartphones

    In the control experience greatly improved at the same time, the new ezTalks mobile client continues all the previous features, the video display is divided into three small, the size of the video can be exchanged between the location, user-friendly on a limited screen more clearly See each other's images. The bottom of the small video can slide around, all participants of the image panoramic view.

    Data sharing is also more humane, when the document is shared, the contents of the document will cover the main video area, to facilitate all participants can clearly see the shared content. Floating the toolbar can be dragged on the screen, and can be folded, expanded, the maximum protection of the user to view the data document line of sight.

    In addition, in the text chat, parameter settings and other functions also carried out a substantial optimization. All of these improvements are for users to more easily and easily use ezTalks cloud conference for remote meetings, mobile office, improve work efficiency and reduce communication costs.

    Over the years, ezTalks in the industry has always been to pioneering and innovative spirit and to provide users with a better video experience goals, leading the development of the cloud conference industry. The future, ezTalks will continue to focus on product optimization, to provide users with better cloud conference services!

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  • 5/11/17 at 1:00 AM -
    5/12/17 at 1:00 AM
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ezTalks cloud conference: mobile user experience upgrade

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